AG Paintball

New Ownership

Aric Lantiegne

As many of you already know, AG Paintball was purchased by USA Paintball Corp in January 2018. Aric Lantiegne, the President, has strong roots with AG Paintball and looks forward to continuing all of the aspects that kept not only him, but many other people coming back.

This first blog posts looks to provide everyone with some additional information about the new owner as well as the direction that Aric looks to take the park.

Aric began playing paintball in the woods around the age of 12 years old and quickly fell in love. After a few years, Aric discovered AG Paintball, working there shortly after as a referee and inside help and moving up to head referee. Aric also played competitively with Encore paintball for a few years. After college, work took Aric away from NH and AG Paintball, but he continued to follow the sport and the industry. Working in hospitality and sales for years, allowed him to build the knowledge needed to run a business, which was when the opportunity to purchase AG Paintball arose and Aric jumped at the chance.

The knowledge of not only the player experience and the industry of paintball, but also the knowledge of the hospitality industry provide a unique take for a paintball park as he looks to make the player experience the reason to come back time and again.

Our focus is to work heavily on staff training, field construction and the overall player experience. With the 2018 season just around the corner, the barn is being overhauled with field construction beginning shortly thereafter. Prior to the March 3rd opening, we will be bringing many "old" referees back to help train some of the newer refs on the safety and overall game play.

We look forward to meeting everyone and showing each person the updates and changes being made.

AG Paintball

New Hampshire's oldest paintball park.