AG Paintball


Low impact paintball is a form of paintball designed for younger players. It uses smaller paintballs and lower force, hitting with 68% less force than a full sized paintball, but offering the same fun, action and safety. With typical paintball, the minimum age to play would be 12 years old, with low impact paintball, players as young as 9 years old can now enjoy the same game.

Whether you are looking to introduce younger players to the sport of paintball or looking to bring a corporate group out to play, with the lower impact, we would be happy to book a reservation for you. Low impact paintball is the ideal solution for birthday parties, team gatherings, camps and more.

NEW for 2018, we will be allowing any walk-on players every Saturday and Sunday for low-impact paintball. You are no longer required to have a private group. 

If you would prefer a private group, you may still do so if you have 10 or more players. We will provide your own private referee to ensure all players are safe and have a memorable time.

Reservations can be made Monday-Sunday between 8:00am and 5:00pm.

AG Paintball

New Hampshire's oldest paintball park.