AG Paintball


For those unfamiliar with paintball there are two types of play within paintball: Speedball and Woodsball. When most people think of paintball, they tend to think of people running through the woods, hiding, jumping and having fun! What many people are not as familiar with is speedball, a highly organized team sport relying on communication, teamwork and tactics.

Each year we continue to update our field with the new NXL bunker upgrade kit which arrives in the early Spring. This is used for teams to prepare for national events or players looking for a higher paced, team play.

Not only is our field NXL official, but we also rent our field to teams for private field time, weekly practives and frequently run x-ball rotations.

NEW IN 2018! We are offering a league night to all teams that would like to participate beginning the first week in May. This will be run on Thursday night from 3-8pm. Contact us or visit our booking engine to learn more.

AG Paintball

New Hampshire's oldest paintball park.